New materials and technologies to improve the preventive conservation and valorization of cultural heritage in the museum environment

Acronym: SmartEco


The project is devoted to the technological field of advanced materials and technologies for diagnosis and monitoring. Through their study and validation are selected innovative solutions to provide an improvement for the preventive conservation of cultural heritage through the construction of high-tech museum display cases.

In particular, the SmartEco project studies the emissions of the materials of the dispaly cases and fittings in order to found new solutions for a "safe" and "healthy" environment for the conservation and display of heritage goods. This study is further deepened through the study and subsequent implementation of new 'intelligent' active systems to control parameters closely related to the conservation of the artefacts displayed in the showcases. Monitoring is not limited to the display conditions within the individual showcase, but is also extended to the entire exhibition space, because in order to ensure proper conservation of the exhibits, it is necessary to consider the environment as a whole.

The project also aims to study and apply solutions to improve visitor comfort and their learning, with the possibility of creating differentiated experiences for specific categories of visitors.

Project information

  • Funded by: Ministero delle imprese e del Made in Italy
  • Call: Bando “Accordi per l’Innovazione”
  • Start date: 13 November 2023
  • End date: 12 November 2026
  • ISPC Scientific coordinators Costanza Miliani, Cristiano Riminesi
  • Project Leader: Goppion SPA

More info

SmartEco Kick-off Meeting

JANUARY 22, 2024
CNR - E-RIHS Headquarters
Manifattura Tabacchi, Via delle Cascine 33/35, Florence


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