Third Mission

Dissemination and Exploitation of research results | Public Engagement | Knowledge and Technology Transfer

Awareness Process Inform, Promoting, Raise awareness

Social Board

The general principles of the Social Board

Reach: reach and inform a wide range of people with appropriate digital communication strategies

Engagement: Raise awareness, educate and involve different audiences on the results of scientific research conducted by ISPC on Cultural Heritage and Heritage Science sectors to improve their impact

Networks: encourage exchanges, relations and communications, both internally and externally, with other public and private institutions for future projects on cultural heritage and with the main press to facilitate the transfer of knowledge to society

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Innovative systems and know-how recognized

The protection of research results is one of the cornerstones of ISPC's technology transfer processes. This section collects all the patents born from the activities of the ISPC scientific network also in collaboration with other research institutions, universities, companies and private entities.

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Sharing knowledge and scientific progress with society

Public engagement

Promotion and access of ISPC research products for the general public

This section collects a selection of exhibitions, public presentations, participation in the major events, training courses, demonstrations and laboratories designed for the general public to the fruition of ISPC research products.

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Activities in archaeological sites

Global Archaeology

This section collects the active excavations at Italian and foreign archaeological sites in which, in addition to the research conducted in the field, the network of CNR ISPC people is also involved in the management of initiatives open to the general public.

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Collaboration with the Cultural and Creative Industries

Knowledge and Technology Transfer

This section collects a selection of virtuous and prestigious projects relating to the ISPC scientific and technological transfer to companies, public and private entities, and shows the ISPC transversal skills on Heritage Science sector.

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