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Reassessing the Indigenous American Heritage in Italy

PNRR M4C2: PRIN 2022

Acronym: KNOT


The KNOT research project aims at producing a new understanding of the Indigenous American Heritage preserved in Italy and to have an impact on how it is displayed and narrated to the public. The KNOT project will carry out a multidisciplinary study on the Indigenous “objects” in Italian collections, conjoining historical investigations with non-invasive material analyses of artifacts as well as with the ethnographic scrutiny of their value, meaning and fruition by contemporary indigenous communities. The main outcome of the project will be the KNOT Virtual Museum, a collaborative online integrated system of study and fruition, that will be produced as forms of knowledge sharing and public engagement.

ISPC goals:
→ Concept and Virtual Museum design
→ Non-invasive spectroscopic analysis
→ Digital acquisition and 3D modeling
→ Storytelling
→ Video editing
→ Web accessibility and copyediting

Project information

  • Funded by: European Union NextGenerationEU and Italian Ministry of University and Research
  • Call: PNRR: Missione 4 – Componente 2 “Dalla ricerca all’impresa” – Investimento 1.1 – Progetti di Ricerca di Rilevante Interesse Nazionale (PRIN)
  • Start date: November 2023
  • End date: September 2025
  • ISPC Scientific coordinator: Costanza Miliani
  • Gruppo di ricerca ISPC: Alfonsina Pagano (coordination and Virtual Museum), David Buti (scientific contents and MOLAB analysis), Daniele Ferdani (Digital acquisition and 3D modeling)
  • Project Leader: Sapienza University of Rome
  • Partners: University of Bologna
  • Funding: € 250.627 – ISPC funding: € 71.975

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