Heritage SmartLab

Acronym: HSL


The Heritage SmartLab project is aimed at creating Europe's largest, most structured and qualified Digital Innovation Hub - with headquarters in Basilicata and two spokes in Campania and Puglia - specialized on Cultural Heritage and Cultural and Creative Industries.

The goal is the creation of a cultural and creative district based in the context of the Sassi of Matera, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, with a strong international dimension and an approach to the market needs of its public and private clients.

CNR ISPC is focusing on the prototype development of innovative technologies and methodological approaches aimed at creating and transferring innovation in the field in Service activities for PAs, cultural and creative enterprises, startups, innovators, and professionals related to monitoring, digitization and enhancement of cultural heritage with particular reference to artistic, archaeological and monumental heritage, including in hypogeal contexts. The technologies deployed will also accelerate digital and green transition processes in the conservation, maintenance, restoration, regeneration and enhancement of cultural heritage.

Project information

  • Funded by: European Union
  • Call: European Digital Innovation Hubs (DIGITAL-2021-EDIH-01)
  • Grant Agreement n. 101083904
  • Start date: 1 November 2022
  • End date: 31 October 2025
  • ISPC Scientific coordinator: Nicola Masini
  • Project Leader: Cluster Basilicata Creativa
  • Partners: [Partner]: SPICI srl, Consorzio MEDITECH, Cluster Lucano dell’Aerospazio ETS, Cluster Lucano Automotive – Fabbrica Intelligente ETS, Cluster Energia Basilicata ETS, Iccrea Banca S.p.A, Sviluppo Basilicata SPA, Iniziativa Cube SRL, Digital Innovation Hub Basilicata; [Affiliati]: Università degli Studi di Salerno, Politecnico di Bari, Università degli Studi di Bari Aldo Moro, Engineering – Ingegneria Informatica SPA, CeSMA, ACCA Software – S.P.A.; [Associati]: Comune di Matera.
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Heritage SmartLab has received funding from the European Union’s Digital Europe Programme DIGITAL-2021-EDIH-01 under Grant Agreement N. 101083904.

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