Sustainable MAnagement of Cultural Heritage in the Balkans in response to climate change

Acronym: SMACH


SMACH is a project of the Central European Initiative (CEI), whose first objective is to promote an in-depth discussion between EU and Balkan countries on the issue of environmental sustainability and cultural heritage management in the face of climate change challenges.

The initiative is addressed both to the Balkan institutions to raise awareness of the effects of climate change on cultural heritage, and to young scholars from the four countries involved, who will participate in a high-level training course.

CNR ISPC, thanks to the numerous projects it is carrying out in several Balkan countries, in collaboration with CNR ICCOM, will provide a series of specialized and multidisciplinary lessons on study, diagnosis and conservation.

Project information

  • Funded by: Central European Initiative (CEI) Know-how Exchange Programme (KEP)
  • Call: 2021
  • Start date: 15/03/2021
  • End date: 28/02/2022
  • ISPC Scientific coordinator: Lucia Alberti
  • Project Leader: Venice International University (VIU)
  • Partners: Città di Venezia, ENEA, Università di Tor Vergata, Università di Ljubljana (Slovenia), Università Ss. Cyril and Methodius di Skopje (Macedonia del Nord), Università di Belgrado (Serbia), Facoltà di Scienza e Tecnologia di Serajevo (Bosnia-Erzegovina), Università del Montenegro, CNR ICCOM
  • Project website

SMACH Sustainable Management of Cultural Heritage