Sviluppo e applicazione in situ di tecnologie innovative per il Contrasto alle Infiltrazioni d’Acqua nelle Chiese romane del Centro stOrico

Acronym: CIACCO


The aim of CIACCO project will be the development of multidisciplinary technologies for studying the deterioration caused by water infiltration on the walls, furnishings and artefacts.

The behavior of the ground on which these structures are based will be evaluated in the event of irregular or extreme atmospheric events, and the extent and distribution of water infiltrations on the walls will be evaluated and quantified with physical methods (portable NMR and acoustic imaging).

Hyper-spectral imaging technologies will provide the identification and segmentation of deterioration elements on painted/decorated surfaces, highlighting the presence of saline efflorescence and/or microorganisms causing biodegradation.

Project information

  • Funded by: Regione Lazio e MUR
  • Call: DTC Lazio Intervento TE1 – Invito al Centro di Eccellenza a presentare progetti per la seconda fase – Progetti RSI
  • Start date: 17/10/2021
  • End date:17/01/2024
  • ISPC Scientific coordinator: Noemi Proietti
  • Project Leader: ENEA
  • Partners: Università Tor vergata

La spirale virtuosa della corretta conservazione del Bene Culturale | © Progetto CIACCO

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Novel approaches and technologies for heritage conservation