Analysis of individual museum experience reactions and trajectories with artificial intelligence tools



By recording the behaviour of users inside museal contexts with sensors and analysing it with Artificial Intelligence methods, ARTEMISIA aims to apply tools for the investigation, prediction and orienting the museum visit flows to an Italian context, in order to obtain an application model for future predictive analyses of the national and international user experience.

The data that can be extracted from these studies will be useful, on the one hand, for a quali-quantitative analysis of the effects of the artistic and cultural fruition experience, and, on the other, to identify possible new forms of user profiling. From the outcomes of this project, it will be possible to develop new-generation applications and personalised guides, which can open up perspectives both from the point of view of heritage valorisation tools and the development of new products for cultural marketing and the planning of museums and exhibitions.

The contribution of CNR ISPC and, in detail, of the Digital Heritage Innovation Lab (DHiLab Rome), will consist in:

  • scientific coordination of the whole project and partners;
  • support for communication, dissemination and Third Mission activities;
  • support for graphic design, user interface (UI) and social media management activities;
  • development of an integrated methodology for user experience (UX) analysis applicable to sensors and AI, extraction of an experiential model, production of an operational toolkit for UX and UX evaluation.

Project information

  • Funded by: Lazio Region
  • Call: DTC Lazio | Intervento TE 1: Invito al Centro di Eccellenza a presentare progetti per la seconda fase – Progetti RSI
  • CUP: F85F21001090003
  • Start date: 18/10/2021
  • End date: 18/01/2024
  • ISPC Scientific coordinator: Augusto Palombini
  • Project Leader: CNR ISPC
  • Partners: CNR ISTC, Sapienza Università di Roma-Centro di ricerca DigiLab, iComfort, Museo di Roma-Palazzo Braschi
  • Project website

News & Eventi

Convegno finale del progetto ARTEMISIA

16 gennaio 2024 | h 9:15 – 17:00

Roma, Piazzale Aldo Moro, CNR Centrale, Aula Marconi

More info

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