Carteggio di Guerra (1914-1919)

Corrado Ricci e la protezione del patrimonio artistico durante la Grande Guerra

Author: Eleonora Maria Stella
Year: 2021
Isbn: 978-88-5491-165-9
Size 21×26,7
Pages: 221

The Carteggio di Guerra (War correspondence) is a valuable documentary source, and an important piece, for reconstructing what the Direzione Generale per le antichità e belle arti (the Italin Directorate-General for antiquities and fine arts) did about protecting cultural heritage in crucial years of its history. Between 1906 and 1909, the Direzione Generale organizational structure was radically reformed with the fundamental contribution of Corrado Ricci. The awful experience of the conflict severely put this updated system to the test, receiving the first important feedback on its functioning.

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