Correspondencias entre mujeres en la Europa medieval

Authors: Jean-Pierre Jardin, Annabelle Marin, Patricia Rochwert-Zuili, Hélène Thieulin-Pardo.
Contributing Authors: Gemma Teresa Colesanti

This work collects the acts stemming from the first meeting of the program “MISSIVA – Letters of women in medieval Europe (Spain, France, Italy, Portugal, 8th-15th century)”, realized within the framework of the multi-year programs of the École des Hautes Études Hispaniques et Ibériques – Casa de Velázquez (Madrid). The contributions gathered in this volume, devoted to correspondence between women and to the emergence of what could be considered as real chains of mediation, offer a reflection on the interest of the epistolary in understanding women’s history. Inwhich contexts do women write to each other and about what topic? Do these epistolary documents have a formal and discursive specificity? What do women’s letters reveal about the relationship they have with their correspondents? What do they tell us about the scope and influence of these women?

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