1968 – 1970 | Centri di Studio del CNR sul patrimonio culturale

Scientific research on cultural heritage has spread thanks to specialised CNR study centres established throughout the Italian peninsula. In 1968, two new study centres were founded in Rome: the Study Centre for Etruscan-Italian Archaeology by Massimo Pallottino and the Centre for Mycenaean and Aegean-Anatolian Studies by Giovanni Pugliese Carratelli, Piero Meriggi and Carlo Gallavotti. In 1969, Sabino Moscati founded the Study Centre for Phoenician and Punic civilisation, in Montelibretti.

In 1970, after the 1966 flood in Florence, Professor F. Piacenti, member of the CNR Chemistry Advisory Committee, in agreement with Professor Gino Bozza, rector of the Politecnico di Milano and member of the CNR Engineering and Architecture Advisory Committee, promoted the establishment of three Study Centres on the Causes of Decay and Conservation of the Artworks located in Milan, Florence and Rome.