The AIA «TELESTES» Award Ceremony for Material Culture Research in Ancient Music and Dance

July 12, 2023 | H 3 PM
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The AIA «TELESTES» Award Ceremony for Material Culture Research in Ancient Music and Dance will take place online on 12th July, 2023.

The AIA «TELESTES» Award is awarded to scholars that explore material evidence of music and dance, and highlight how this evidence contributes to a deeper understanding of the cultural and social meanings and functions of music and dance within activities of ritual and everyday life. The essential role of music and dance in these activities is visible in the exhibition “Per gli dei e per gli uomini. Musica e danza nell’antichità”, curated by Carmelo Malacrino, Angela Bellia, and Patrizia Marra “, recently opened at the National Archeaological Museum of Reggio Calabria.

The AIA «TELESTES» Award presents an important opportunity to fill the gap between existing treatments of the sub-discipline of ‘archaeomusicology’, or ‘music archaeology’ and the possibilities offered by the rather different perspectives that have recently emerged within archaeology, art history, archaeology of performance, soundscape archaeology, sensory studies, experienced ancient religious sound studies, auditory archaeology, aural architecture, and digital heritage.

The 2023 «Telestes» Award

The 2023 «Telestes» Award has been bestowed on Agata Maria Catena Calabrese for her Ph.D. thesis Buried in the Senses: Investigating the North Mesopotamian Early Bronze Age Sensorial Experiences of Mortuary Rituals with GIS.

The AIA «Telestes» Award Special Mention has been awarded to Miriam Bueno Guardia for her PhD thesis La representación de la danza en el Reino Nuevo egipcio, and to Lidiane Carolina Carderaro for her PhD thesis Relationships between Music and Mythology in the Iconography of Greek Vases – Representation of Mythological Beings with Musical Attributes.

The Fabrizio Serra Editore provides the «TELESTES» Award Prize. The award will also include an annual subscription to Telestes. An International Journal of Archaeomusicology and Archaeology of Sound.

The 2024 AIA «Telestes» Award

The deadline of the next AIA «Telestes» Award for Material Culture Research in Ancient Music and Dance is September 15, 2023. Nominations for the award will be considered by the Archaeomusicology Interest Group Chair (AMIG) chaired by Angela Bellia, CNR ISPC researcher, and a selection of AMIG members. Fabrizio Serra Editore may designate an ex officio representative of its own choosing.

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What: The AIA «TELESTES» Award Ceremony for Material Culture Research in Ancient Music and Dance
When: 12th July 2023, 3:00 pm
Where: ISPC Online Zoom platform
Organiser: Angela Bellia