Ancient and modern routes along the river valleys of Montenegro

From remote sensing and landscape archaeology to the enhancement of cultural sites and itineraries


The project aims at reconstructing, analysing and enhancing the road network system that since antiquity has crossed the large river valleys of Montenegro (in particular the valleys of the Zeta, Moraca, Tara and Cehotina Rivers), facilitating the communication among the internal areas of the Balkans. The project objective is not limited to the historical reconstruction of the ancient landscape by enhancing knowledge of little known sites. It aims rather at the creation of a solid cultural network that will enhance tourism and economy of inland areas, which are less known although they have a huge potential in terms of landscape and environment.

Starting from historical and archaeological research and through the application of integrated technologies for the analysis of the territory - remote sensing, geolocation, Web GIS - the collected data will be utilised for architectural, urban and landscape design, in order to promote the enhancement and a better use of cultural heritage, landscape and environment.

Starting from the identification of ancient infrastructures and the main archaeological sites, the main goal of the project is the identification of integrated cultural and touristic routes, which connect the history of ancient landscapes with their possible contemporary use.

Project information

  • Italian project leader: CNR ISPC
  • Foreign project leader: Historical Institute, University of Montenegro
  • ISPC Scientific coordinator: Lucia Alberti
  • Partners: Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (MAECI), Ministry of Science of Montenegro (MoS); Ministry of Culture of Montenegro (MKU).
  • Involved Countries: Italy - Montenegro
  • Site/Area/Case study: Valleys of the Zeta, Moraca, Tara and Cehotina Rivers from Podgorica to Pljevlja
  • Status: ongoing
  • Funding: Project of Great Relevance MAECI (2023-2025)

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Archaeology, Settlements and Environment