Archaeological Researches in Western Iran

The QaNaTES Project: Survey and Test Excavations in Marivan Valley-Kurdistan

Acronym: QaNaTES


This scientific program is aimed to the exploration of the archaeological site of Tappeh Qaleh Naneh, located on the southern edge of the intermontane plateau extending around the Lake Zeribar and the city of Marivan (130km. west of Sanandağ, the capital of the Kurdistan province).

The antiquity of the site, revealed by the analysis of the material culture in association with the radiocarbon dates on organic samples such as charcoals and bones, indicates, at least, a span time from the second half of the VI and the beginning of the III millennium BCE.

The material culture at Qaleh Naneh shows an increase in social complexity for the finding of stone mace-heads (ceremonial objects), specialised productions (painted pottery) and long-distance contacts, also testified by the presence of obsidian from two distinct sources located in eastern Anatolia: Meydan Daği e Nemrut Daği.

Project information

  • Italian project leader: CNR ISPC
  • Foreign project leader: Bu-Ali Sina University, Hamedan (Iran)
  • ISPC Scientific coordinator: Silvana Di Paolo
  • Involved Countries: Italy, Iran
  • Site/Area/Case study: archaeological site of Tappeh Qaleh Naneh, Kurdistan, Iran
  • Status: ongoing
  • Funding: CNR (Short-Term Mobility Program 2017); MAECI (2018-2022); CNR (Joint Archaeological Laboratories 2022-2023)
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