abBandono vErsus riGenerazIoNe

Acronym: BEGIN


BEGIN deals with "ghost towns" issiue. The project proposes, through three test sites (Vilarinho das Furnas in Portugal; Craco in Italy and Himara in Albania), to develop a multilevel methodological-operational protocol useful in regional, national, European and non-EU contexts, aimed at spreading knowledge, regeneration, management and use of abandoned towns.

The project includes, among other things, the development of:

  • a documentation and interpretation centre on "ghost towns" related to the Euro-Mediterranean area;
  • a prototype platform for virtual reality applications to enhance the "ghost towns";
  • best practices for geo-conservation of abandoned towns.

Project information

  • Funded by: Basilicata Region
  • Call: POR FESR Basilicata 2014-2020. Avviso pubblico “Progetti di Cooperazione Interregionale e Transnazionale” ai sensi dell’art. 96.3.d del Reg. (UE) n. 1303/2013.
  • Start date: 17/11/2021
  • Durata: 24 months
  • ISPC Scientific coordinator: Fabrizio Terenzio Gizzi
  • Project Leader: Università degli Studi della Basilicata
  • Partners: University of Minho, Department of Earth Science,  Braga (Portugal); Epoka University, Institute of GeoSciences, Energy, Water and Environment, Tirana (Albania).
  • Project website

La «ghost town» di Craco (Matera) | © Fabrizio Terenzio Gizzi, CNR ISPC
The «ghost town» of Craco (Matera, Italy) | © Fabrizio Terenzio Gizzi, CNR ISPC