Kharayeb Archaeological Project

Acronym: KAP


The Kharayeb Archaeological Project is a multi-disciplinary research project investigating an area, north of the Litani River, that is fundamental to our knowledge of the Levant in antiquity. The project combines archaeological, archaeometric, epigraphic and historical research. It consists of different branch: the excavation, study and valorisation of the remains of the Phoenician place of worship known as 'Mathaf' and of the thousands of terracotta figurines from it (since 2015, in collaboration with the CNRS-L for ION Beam analyses); the reconnaissance of the coastal territory of the Kharayeb municipality; the underwater investigations of the coastline connected to it, funded by the Honor Frost Foundation; the excavations of the rural settlement of Jemjim and Tell Qasmie, the tell (a port) at the mouth of the Litani.

Project information

  • Italian project leader: CNR ISPC
  • Foreign project leader: Università libanese
  • ISPC Scientific coordinator: Ida Oggiano
  • Partners: Directorate General of Antiquities, Lebanon; Honor Frost Foundation; CNR-L
  • Involved Countries: Italy - Lebanon
  • Site/Area/Case study: Kharayeb, Region North of the Litani river, Phoenician cult place of Kharayeb (Persian period - Hellenistic period); survey of the coastal region between Adloun and Kharyaeb municipality (from Middle Bronze to the present day); Tell Qasmie (from Middle Bronze to ottoman period); Jemjim (from Ancient Bronze to Persian period.
  • Status: ongoing
  • Funding: MAECI (2020-2022) – CNR Bilateral agreements (2015-2016) – CNR Joint Lab (2017; 2020; 2023)
  • Project website

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