Wall-facing Automatic images identification Laboratory

A quantitative analyses method for the study of ancient architecture

Acronym: W.A.L.(L)


The project is aimed at the application of quantitative analysis methods to ancient architecture, that is at the use of Machine Learning processes which, starting from three-dimensional photogrammetric models, allow the extraction of significant features for the archaeologist, from the point from the point of view of construction techniques and behaviours, of the social groups involved in the construction and of history. A dedicated database, associated with a 3D viewer will allow data querying.

The sample masonry structures used to set up the methodology and tools of the Project consist of walls dating from the Late Minoan IIIC to the Geometric period (10th-8th century BC) in Crete.

Project information

  • Italian project leader: CNR ISPC
  • Foreign project leader: Université Catholique de Louvain
  • ISPC Scientific coordinator: Francesca Buscemi
  • Partners: Università di Catania, Anavlochos Project (École française d’Athènes); Ghent University
  • Involved Countries: Italia – Grecia
  • Site/Area/Case study: Creta sites: Festòs, Haghia Triada, Sissi, Anavlochos
  • Status: ongoing
  • Funding: CNR Joint Lab (2021 – extended until 2023)