Processo di riorganizzazione del CNR delle strutture impegnate nel campo del patrimonio culturale

In 2001, CNR started a long reorganisation process of both its Study Centres and the institutes involved in the field of Cultural Heritage. So, the Institute for the Conservation and Enhancement of Cultural Heritage (ICVBC) based in Florence, Rome and Milan, resulted from the union of the three CNR Study Centres on the Causes of Decay and Conservation of the Artworks (1970).

The Institute for Studies on Italian and Ancient Mediterranean Civilisations (ISCIMA) was established from the union of the Institute for Etruscan-Italic Archaeology (1970), located in Rome and the Institute for Civilization Phoenician and Punic (1982), based in Montelibretti.

The Institute of Studies on Aegean and Near Eastern Civilizations (ICEVO) was born in Rome, thanks to the activities of the Centre of Mycenaean and Aegean-Anatolian Studies, founded in 1968.

During 2001, the Institute for Archaeological and Monumental Heritage (IBAM) resulted from the union of the Study Centre on Greek Archaeology (1984) in Catania, the Institute for the conservation of monumental works (1988) in Lecce and the International Institute of Frederician Studies (1988) in Potenza.