CNR ISPC Special Issue of “Buildings” by MDPI on advanced research on Cultural Heritage

Now online the Special Issue “Advanced Research on Cultural Heritage”, directed by Emilia Vasanelli (CNR ISPC), within the open access Journal Buildings by MDPI.

The importance of cultural heritage preservation, conservation, and dissemination has been recognized worldwide. Cultural heritage tells the story of our past, is part of our origin and identity, and has social relevance. It is our inheritance from previous generations and a legacy for those to come.

Cultural heritage includes a multitude of creative expressions. Among tangible assets, a variety of artifacts belongs to cultural heritage: from landscapes and archeological sites to historic buildings and monuments, books, paintings, and artworks. A multidisciplinary approach and a varied group of professionals are called to contribute to solving the challenges that face heritage today.

The new cross-disciplinary vision encompasses chemistry, archeology, physics, engineering, and ICT.

Technological advances in these fields have provided powerful tools and strategies for analytical and experimental research on historical and cultural artifacts that open new frontiers for their diagnosis, monitoring, and protection.

This Special Issue, “Advanced Research on Cultural Heritage”, will provide an overview of existing knowledge on new approaches for heritage preservation and conservation

Relevant topics to this Special Issue include:

  • knowledge, diagnosis, and conservation of heritage artifacts;
  • conservation of built heritage;
  • digital technologies for knowledge, conservation, and valorization.

Deadline for manuscript submissions: 20 June 2023