The LERMIC project: an international network for the study of Mycenaean religion

LERMIC (Léxico religioso del micénico: conceptos, prácticas, objetos): the project deals with the study of Mycenaean religion through the analysis of Linear B texts. The technical terms of the Mycenaean lexicon will be studied synchronically and diachronically in relation to the Greek lexicon of the 1st millennium BC. The aim is to contribute to the reconstruction of Mycenaean religious concepts and practices and their relations with classical Greece.

The chronological context, the geographical area and the methodological approach used in the LERMIC project (2021-2024) are based on the activities carried out by an international network of researchers who have been working for years on Mycenaean religion through the analytical study of Linear B documents (14th-13th centuries BC).

Principal investigator of the LERMIC project is Prof. Juan Piquero Rodríguez of the Departamento de Filología Clásica, Facultad de Filología, Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia (UNED) in Madrid.

The project members are: F. Aura Jorro (Alicante), A. Bernabé Pajares (Madrid), M. Del Freo (Roma), J. L. Melena (Vitoria), M. Perna (Sassari), R. Pierini (Copenhagen), I. Serrano Laguna (Madrid), C. Varias García (Barcelona).

The main objective of the LERMIC project is to contribute to shed light on three distinct topics: aspects of worship in mycenaean Thebes, sacrifice and ceremonial banquets, sacred lands.

For the CNR ISPC, Maurizio Del Freo (Rome) will deal with the lexicon related to sacred lands.

Contributions published so far

Del Freo, M. 2023. “I totali della serie Ed e il registro fondiario di pa-ki-ja-ne”, in P. de Fidio, V. Gigante Lanzara, A. Rigo (edd.), Scritti in memoria di Giovanni Pugliese Carratelli, vol. I (= Parola del Passato LXXV [2020]), Firenze, pp. 107-153.

Del Freo, M. 2023. “La regalità micenea alla luce dei testi in lineare B”, Rivista Storica Italiana 135.1, pp. 135-154.

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