RIS3 and EIT Culture & Creativity: a webinar to set the scene

On May 24, the CNR ISPC held the webinar RIS3 and EIT Culture & Creativity: setting the scene, gathering more than 37 participants from all over Europe.

The online event was organized in the frame of the mapping activity of Research and Innovation Strategies for Smart Specialization (RIS3) that CNR ISPC is conducting within EIT Culture & Creativity.

This mapping contributes to the AP10. Policy Optimizer and, aims to identify and promote synergies between the EIT Culture & Creativity and RIS3 by providing insights into the representation of Cultural and Creative Sectors and Industries (CCSI) in RIS3 and their priorities, the identification of the main stakeholders and opportunities for collaboration on relevant themes.

The webinar featured interventions by the CNR ISPC Director, Costanza Miliani, researchers, Alessandra Marasco and Giulia Lazzeri, and associated Professor Pier Luigi Sacco. The webinar presented to partners the landscape analysis resulting from the initial steps of the mapping activity and the development of a dataset matching RIS3 priorities and stakeholders with EIT Culture & Creativity strategic agenda. The event also provided the occasion for reflecting on the collaboration between EIT Culture and Creativity and the European Research Infrastructure for Heritage Science (E-RHIS), notably through a focus on the Italian context within a mapping activity of RIS3 in the frame of E-RHIS.