Special Session

Digital Approaches to Hearing the Past

International Conference on Immersive and 3D Audio | I3DA

September 5-7, 2023

Bologna, School of Engineering and Architecture

A special session on “Digital Approaches to Hearing the Past” will take place as part of the 2023 International Conference on Immersive and 3D Audio (I3DA).

Building upon the success of its first edition in 2021, the I3DA conference will focus on 3D audio, virtual acoustics, auralisation, immersive audio, virtual reality, heritage acoustics, architectural acoustics, immersive sound art in new media contexts, 3D game audio, machine learning in the context of acoustics, listening experiments and measurement techniques. The University of Bologna will host this conference from September 5-7, 2023. Lamberto Tronchin is the General Conference Chair.

Digital Approaches to Hearing the Past

The special session on Digital Approaches to Hearing the Past will be chaired by Angela Bellia, researcher at CNR ISPC and scientific advisory board member of the I3DA.

The session aims to explore how digital methods and virtual acoustic reconstructions can improve our knowledge on sounds and sound behavior in ancient places, performative spaces, and architectural structures as well as within a built and natural environment in the past, by promoting their modern reuse and sonic preservation. Moreover, the goal of this session is the analysis of the relationship between acoustics, architecture, and environment – and how sound interacts with that environment -, as well as of the methods concerning anechoic recordings of music, sounds, and voices to be used in the auralisation of ancient places and performative spaces.

Call for Papers

Some crucial issues that papers for this special session could address are:

  1. whether the location of monuments, ancient theatres, and performative spaces may tell us about sound and auditory culture in antiquity;
  2. whether the acoustic qualities of architectural structures may have caused an evolution of ancient buildings and structures, in which there was a auditory experience of the space and built environment;
  3. whether the spatial configuration of monuments, ancient theatres, and performative spaces contributed to model their intangible acoustic aspects (soundscape, voicescapes, dancescapes);
  4. whether the links between form and function of ancient structures and buildings can shed light on the active properties of aural architecture and on performances in strengthening cultural and social identity;
  5. whether digital architectural reconstruction, immersive audio-visual modes, and auralisation could enable us to understand the way sounds and voices were experienced;
  6. whether digital models of instruments or the reconstruction of ancient instruments can enhance our knowledge on their evolution in relationship with sound perception of instruments and the physical acoustics in monuments, ancient theatres, and performative spaces of the past.


Submission deadline for abstracts: March 31, 2023
Announcement of accepted abstracts: April 7, 2023
Submission deadline for complete paper: June 15, 2023
Announcement of full paper review results: June 30, 2023
Submission deadline for final paper: July 21, 2023

All papers will undergo peer review.

As in the previous edition of I3DA, the proceedings will be submitted to the IEEE for publication in IEEEXplore and indexed on Scopus and Web of Science.

Call for papers - I3DA 2023

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