CNR ISPC Special Issue of “Heritage” by MDPI on study and characterization of paintings

Now online the Special Issue “Study and Characterization of Paintings: Materials, Artistic Techniques, and Conservation”, directed by Valeria Di Tullio (CNR ISPC) and Brenda Doherty (CNR SCITEC), within the open access Journal “Heritage” by MDPI, indexed in Scopus.

Since ancient times, painting has been the most widespread form of man’s creative expression. Using a wide range of materials and complex techniques, painted artworks are an important historical and cultural testament that needs to be recognized and preserved for future generations.

The study of painting techniques, degradation processes, and restoration practices is, by nature, a multidisciplinary area of study, combining research in science, conservation, and art history as well as specific knowledge in painting manufacturing. Heritage Science is increasingly indispensable in widening the attention given to all the aspects that affect the life of an artwork; in understanding the changing boundaries and interactions between its historical, aesthetic, and material value; as well in evaluating the interactions with the environmental conditions and planning the intervention of restoration.

Information about all these aspects can be gained by the analysis of the chemical and physical properties of the materials found in paintings in combination with the historical information reported in documentary sources and incorporated in the examination of individual paintings.

This Special Issue aims to show a wide selection of contributions in the study of paintings as well as recent points of view to promote a greater understanding of the inherent complexity of paintings and stimulate innovative questions and discussions on this topic.

Some of the accepted topics are:

  • The characterization, degradation, and restoration of painting supports such as wood, canvas, paper, parchment, plaster, and pottery.
  • The stratigraphy of painted artworks, artistic techniques, and restoration issues, and new techniques of analysis.
  • Degradation processes and the conservation of natural and synthetic organic binders, and their interaction with pigment particles.
  • Restoration issues, including varnishing and cleaning practices in paintings. Additionally, the history of, experimentation with, and evaluation of restoration products, as well as new perspectives of study.
  • Study of moisture and temperature in indoor and semiconfined environments for the collection care of paintings.
  • Ancient recipes and restoration practices and their impact on painting conservation.
  • Art history and materials science in studying the style and masterpieces of artists, artistic currents, and movements.

Deadline for manuscript submissions: 30 September 2022