CNR ISPC and the Construkted Reality: a new joint collaboration started!

The research collaboration agreement between CNR ISPC and the Construkted Reality company of Toronto (Canada) focuses on open formats suited for interactive 3D presentation of large datasets on the web, specifically the 3D Tiles OGC standard developed by Cesium.

For CNR ISPC this will be beneficial for a few open-source GPL3 tools and frameworks such as ATON, which already embraces the standard – to publish, visualize and interact with massive 3D datasets online.

The agreement has multiple objectives including:

  • carrying out conjoint research on such topics;
  • strengthen the ongoing development of projects and frameworks already carried out by both parties;
  • conjoint development of open-source processing tools for the HS community and
  • conjoint participation in international research programs and consortia.

Watch the video

Sample online interactions with Cesium 3D Tiles datasets using ATON