1, 2014 – 3, 2016


Archaeology and Environment
Understanding the Past to Design the Future a
Multidisciplinary Approach Proceedings of the International
Workshop, 15th-18th November 2013
Collana: Archaeological Heritage & Multidisciplinary Egyptological
Studies (vol. 3)

Cnr, Istituto di Studi sul Mediterraneo Antico - 2016

Curatori: Giuseppina Capriotti e Francesco Porcelli

Formato: 21x29,7, pp. 200
Prezzo € 44,00
ISBN 978 88 8080 184 9

The AHMES volume n. 3 intends to preserve a memory of those precious moments and fruitful discussions through a selection of some of the most significant conference presentations.
What is more difficult to reproduce on paper, but can be easily recognized by all those who had the fortune to travel to Southern Egypt, is the sound of the Nubian songs and the beauty of the Egyptian temples reflected in the blue waters of the Nile and of Lake Nasser, providing the best possible frame for a very successful conference.